So you want to be a ginger?  

Have you ever felt discouraged by the fast fade of the auburn hues?  You are not alone!  Achieving a perfect hue of red is simple and fun. Keeping the red in your hair instead of down your drain is not so easy. Like many other women, you may be wondering why red washes out so much quicker than other colors.

The answer isn’t as difficult as one would think. It’s all about the chemistry makeup of the haircolor.  The molecules that make up artificial haircolor have to make their way inside the hair’s cuticle and adhere to the cortex. The smaller the particles, the more color gets into the cortex and the longer the color will last. The molecules that make up red colors are larger than most, making it a challenge to get all the way in the cortex, resulting in much quicker washout.

But don’t let the washout war get you down! If you love reds, there are ways to encourage longer coverage and vibrancy. The combination of a knowledgeable stylist, proper treatments, and a good at home regimen will keep your reds looking fabulous in between touch-ups!