Take the 2018 Hair Rehab Challenge!

Six Models – Six Months – Six Healthy Heads of Hair

Are you happy with the overall health of your hair?  Do you wish it were healthier but don’t know where to start or what products to use?  I’m looking for six models who want to end 2018 with a head of healthy, happy hair! 

Read all the details below and fill out an application to be considered.

What will you receive?

Professional Hair Dryer

Did you know that “air drying” is very damaging to your hair?  Water is a slightly higher PH than your hair, so as it dries it swells the hair shaft.  This causes damage to the cuticle, resulting in a frizzy do.  With this program, you will receive a high quality  professional blow dryer.  The difference is unmistakable!

Take Home Products

You don’t realize how important the right products are until you are using the right products.  Paul Mitchell has a wide range of at home treatments and styling aids for every hair need.  In this program, you will receive everything needed to maintain your healthy hair at home during the six months. 

Regular In-Salon Services

Regular trims and customized treatments are necessary to maintain a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.  Models will receive a customized regimen of treatments and haircuts during the six-month program.

Program Details

Time Frames

1.  6 Models will be chosen by the end of June.
2.  Each model will meet with me in June for a thorough consultation where I will determine a course of action that will rebuild and repair her hair.
3.  The program will go from July 1, 2018-December 31, 2018.  Each model will receive all of the above mentioned perks during this six-month program.


Model Requirements

1.  Must be 18 years or older
2.  Must have compromised hair that needs some help to get healthy.
3.  Must agree to follow instructions on at home care for the duration of the program.

Value vs. Cost

1.  Cost includes professional hair dryer, all haircuts, repair treatments, take home treatments, and styling products necessary to follow regimen.  
2.  Total value of services, tools, and products is over $1,000.
3.  Program costs $500 payable before July 1, 2018.